Check out the latest updates on WW sport in the betting calendar 2019!

Sports betting counts over 100 billion USD every day. It is one of the largest gambling markets in the world. With such a large number of fixtures, knowing which game to gamble, would be the final key to success.

The industry is on a gradual rise since the number of sports enthusiasts are rising too. Sports and games are not only a method of entertainment; it is a primary mean of earning massive amounts. In case you don’t miss out anything remarkable, WW sport has a strategy list ready with the latest updated championship dates. 

  1. Basketball

2019 is the fest year for basketball fans as the FIBA Basketball World Cup is in full swing. The basketball tournament will take place in China with a total number of 24 to 32 teams. This is the first time since 1967 that the FIBA basketball tournament is not taking place in the year of FIFA World Cup.

The Czech Republic and Montenegro are the debut teams in the world cup. Other countries like Poland, Russia, Germany, Canada, Tunisia and ivory coast will be seen after a long span in the game along with Croatia, Finland, and Ukraine.

 Betting in basketball

Basketball falls under the top-rated betting sports. The FIBA tournament commences from 31 August 2019 starting with Poland VS Venezuela on the first half and Ivory Coast VS China on the second half. Set your goals for the world cup to earn a lot of money by placing stakes on the first match.

  • Horse racing

Horse racing is the oldest, most privileged and famous betting activity in the industry. If one is new in the race for ponies, it is advisable to stick to the straight wagers instead of the exotic wagers – the two specific kinds of wagers that one has to choose before the bet.

The sport has gained a global popularity. It is prevalent in India, Russia, and the United Kingdom along with parts of the USA. The competition differs in different parts of the world. For example, horse racing in Russia is not the same as that of the UK. It is advisable to get proper knowledge about their types from the WW sport before you bet on them.

Betting in horse racing tournaments

Racecourse bettors have their legacy in the industry of gambling. To start like a professional, one shall follow a few strategies. For example, knowing the race course, race type, and the horse is essential. Get in-depth knowledge about the racing as it might include many hurdles.

To understand horse race betting better, one should realize how the bet is further categorized into – tote betting and exchange betting.

Tote betting – involves no odds. It is based on the number of people who picks the winning horse.

Exchange betting – involves striking with other betters. It is an advanced kind of betting though.


With betting online WW sport, one can place convenient betting on horse racing or any other sports. Just choose a trustable site and proper research before starting!

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